I had this really close friend. We talked to each other about everything, and always had fun.
Whenever I was down or needed advice , she would give it to me without me even asking for it . Whenever I thought I couldn't do something, she told me that I could, and to just stay positive. She believed in me sometimes more than I did myself. I knew her since 8th grade , and now i'm currently in 12th grade. Sometimes we have our moments, but that's normal. No friendship can ever be perfect.
She was real, honest, a overall a good friend,
We go to the same school, and have the same classes.
but the problem is ... she started changing .
In the middle of november , she started acting a little different. I thought it was nothing till It lead to something even bigger.
Everyday after class we would walk together to our locker. We would eat lunch together, talk all the time in school, help each other out, and just have fun .
But everything just changed. She stopped hanging out with me, waiting for me, talking to me, or anything.
She just ignores me, period. She doesn't even look at me.
Out of nowhere one day she just decided to stop all connections.
At first she stopped talking to me in school, but would text me sometimes. Then she stopped it all.
She's still in my classes, but now she's like a stranger to me. Like someone, I have never even met.
She has a mad face everytime she walks past me, pretends she doesn't even see me , and continues.

At first I thought their wa something wrong, that made her act that way. But I realized she only acted like this towards me.
In school she would talk to everybody else, laugh, and well do everything she would do . The only thing is she stopped talking to me. She just one day woke up, and chose to exclude me out of her life for good.

We never got in an argument, or anything.
She just decided to not be my friend anymore.

I try to forget it , but it really hurts me inside. I act like I don't care, like I don't need her just like she doesn't need me. Although , honestly inside om hurting badly and feel like crying, because things like this always happen to me. I always left .
I'm trying to cope with it now , because there is really nothing I can do.
Tomorrow is out last day of school till we go on Christmas break, and second period starts.

I want to ask her why she all of sudden stopped all connections with me . why she decided to turn fake all of a sudden. even though she told me that being fake wasn't right, and using or leaving a friend was mean.

But yet she does it to me .
I can't talk to her in person ... I want to send her a message but i'm nervous, and don't want to sound like i'm desperate and need her. What should I do ? Please help me, and thank you .


Hi - its fine to message your friend but don't use words like "fake" or any other accusations because that creates defensiveness. Maybe say something like - I miss our friendship and could you tell me if something offended you.

Another thing which could be happening is - young people change from grade 9 to 12 and sometimes friendships evolve or possibly they relate better to another friend. I agree though friends shouldn't totally ignore each other.

In addition if one friend is too needy, it can wear on the helping friend and they realize it takes too much energy. Keep what you say short - simply ask if something offended her and what does she think happened. I hope you work it out and good luck.

What your 'friend' is doing is very wrong, she could at least give you a small hi now or then, but apparently, that is not her intention.

"We used to be good friends, what happened to us?" Something such as that should be an appropriate question.

Hopefully you find this helpful, good luck!

I do agree with the 2 responses.

Plus! Given the possible act that she may have heard something from someone who may have said something.

And she took it as fact.

You can ask hare why.