I know experts say that there is no such thing as a marijuana addiction, and that is JUST charming, but back in the real world, I need answers.
Every time I try to quit, I get plagued by depression and bad moods.

"...but marijuana is a depressant. You should feel better."

Once again, a charming sentiment, but that's just not the way things work.
I've lost friends, jobs, and a social life in my attempts to quit...and by "social life" I don't mean sitting on the couch with my stoner friends. When I go without, I get so depressed that I don't want to go anywhere. A lot of working at a job has to do with being nice to others. Whenever I try to quit, I get angry really easily. I've lashed out at friends, co-workers, and even customers, when otherwise I would have been very nice.

"That's just the withdrawal. You'll feel better when it's over" = Idiotic sentiment #3
Six months of "will-power" did nothing but make me feel better. In fact, a lost a lot of friends (most of which don't even smoke) by my inability to be as happy-go-lucky.

"Then they weren't your friends in the first place."
Maybe, but it beats being alone.

"Make new friends"
Yeah right, a recovering drug addict with an anger issue is such a draw

"See a shrink"
I can't I'm poor

"Well, if you're poor then you shouldn't be able to afford drugs"
I'm willing to do the extra work for a fix

"Then you should be able to the same amount of work to save for a psychologist"
There's no visible incentive. At least with marijuana, I KNOW I'm going to get high.

"There are also groups and clergy people that could help"
I absolutely despise group therapy. I lack the ability to feign interest in other people when I'm smoking, let alone when I'm trying to quit, and I don't trust religious people. They always play the Jesus angle. "With faith and God's help you can kick this addiction. Now go hand out flyers for our church"


It's humorous the way you anticipate and answer your own questions lol. I think it's very admirable for you to realize smoking isn't working for you. I think a person can be addicted to marijuana. Some people have no problem using it recreationally the same way they use alcohol - but there's a small percentage who become addicted. I think if a person uses alcohol or marijuana for self medicating purposes, they'll become addicted. I think you fall into this category.

You admit marijuana mellows out your personality flaws, so you need to find a way to accept or manage those flaws. You need to get used to seeing/feeling life without the haze which marijuana provides. I'm not sure of how to deal with the withdrawals since I've never tried it myself. It makes sense to do it gradually and I'll give you a website to look at later. I get the impression you kind of feel pessimistic about life - is that correct? I think you should consider speaking with your doctor because you sound depressed. If you don't treat the underlying unhappiness, you'll always be looking for ways to self medicate. Best of luck in beating this and dealing with your feelings.


The mood swings and depression won't last more than a week, TOPS. It probably will last even less. By 30 days marijuana is completely out of your system, chemically, although the depression will wear off sooner.

Community clinics usually offer free or very low cost counselling.

Here is a self help guide to quitting. On first glance you might think, I don't want to write stuff down, or have to do work. But that is the only way you are going to quit for good. You have do some work, and it sounds to me like the costs of getting stoned are now outweighing the benefits for you and your ready.


Do some research on google, you'd be surprised at how much free stuff is around to help. Cognitive Behavioral therapies often work best for quitting, so try finding some free stuff on the internet.