A few months ago, me and my best friend signed up for a story-sharing website, known as Wattpad. You can make and create stories, and read others' stories as well. It's pretty entertaining, but I fear my friend is taking it too far.

She has created a story that involves fantasy characters, i.e. Jack Frost. She also makes up her own mythological characters, and writes about them. At first, it all seemed like good fun, and I was happy because she was happy.

My concern is that she is starting to act as if they are "real" (i'm using this term lightly). She writes the story as if it were a play. What's more is that she incorporates pop culture into her story, and she (the author, whom she dubs herself "Clover") interacts with people from movies such as Harry Potter and One Direction. I know this sounds confusing and/or crazy, but please bear with me.

Below is an excerpt from her profile (she was replying to a comment on her chapter that featured HP characters):

Yesh, I was thinking y didn't I get mah acceptance letter. and POOF! There was Winter in Hogwarts. Draco will marry me some day


Hi - have you asked your friend and expressed your concerns? When you speak to her in person, do you get the same impression? Reason I ask is, its hard to interpret a persons tone/intention in written material online - for example she could be joking or being sarcastic.

There are some cases where some get too intense and the pretend fantasy world becomes unhealthy. There's also cases where a person develops the habit of being in the fantasy world and then neglects the real world - this can happen on the internet and without. Some gamers end up addicted.

Be honest and try to come from the direction of concern rather than accusing. Is she fulfilling life goals? Encourage her to write in a journal and maybe write a book. Best of luck.

Hi – I agree with Bella’s advice, and would also like to add: some authors often act-out parts or even whole stories, it is not unusual at all, sometimes it is much easier to write given some practical experience. This can include living-out a fantasy character. Okay as long as your friend is not losing a grip on her real life! Maybe your friend is a bit eccentric, but who is to say what is ‘normal’ and what isn’t? Sometimes I think to myself, I’m the only ‘normal’ person I know..... lol!