Currently i am in the final years of school. In the past it has been extremely difficult due to numerous problems including bouts of severe depression, insomnia, anxiety, and convincing symptoms of ADHD. Regardless of what it can be labelled as, it has really made working extremely hard. Sometimes there are periods where it is manageable, although most of the time even turning up seems impossible. In school meetings, the teachers discuss my inconsistency in work and criticize my ability to concentrate despite my hardest efforts. Sleeping problems also have affected my attendance records, ability to contribute/ work at all and also makes commitments to different extra-curricular activites really hard. University applications and exams are coming up, and i am really terrified because i find this overwhelming and could not even turn up to my mock exam today due to insufficient amount of sleep. I am currently in therapy, and in the past have seen a school counsellor, although this is confidential so i doubt the school are aware of this. Regardless, the teachers comments on my work and insensitivity make matters worse and make me feel absolutely terrible. I don't know whether it is a good idea to alert the school or not, and how i would do this, either through parents, my therapist etc? Would this attach a label to me or not, and is there really much the school would be able to do at all? HELP!


Hi, yes it is a very good idea to notify them and also to have a 504 plan implemented which will give you the accommodations you need both academically and emotionally.

Usually they require educational psychologist evaluation, which you can have done thru the school system or via your own doctors and then they design the 504 plan to fit your specific needs. mental illness is classified a disability for the purpose of a 504

you can find more info here

I would really encourage you to get this done as it is really helpful!

Thankyou so much, i'm still discussing it with my therapist, but it was really helpful to know your opinion