16 year old girl. Anyways..I'm not fat.. I'm a little girl and for some reason I have always been insecure to eat in front of guys I like..My guy friends I don't really care very much to eat in front of them but if it's my boyfriend I always say no if my boyfriend asks me if I want any of his food and when I wake up I rush to get ready so I don't think to eat and then when I'm at my boyfriends house my stomachs grumbling and it's so embarrassing because he'll ask me if I'm hungry or want to eat and I'll be like no then my stomach will grumble..I get so embarrassed. Sometimes I like try to not be like that and I'll just be like "I'm so hungryyyyy, I haven't eaten all day" and he'll be like why don't you say something we can go get food whenever and stuff like that..but I'm just wondering how can I stop this dumb habit? Like some/most girls don't even care or think of being weird about eating in front of guys. I just want to know how to stop being insecure about this.


I'm about your age and I dated a girl exactly like this.

From what it sounds like he likes/loves you a whole lot (why would he be dating you if he didn't) because he asks you if you'd like to eat. So I don't think he'd be disgusted if you eat

Whenever my girlfriend was with me I felt soooo bad because she wouldn't eat around me, and I felt like I was making her starve when she was around me.

If you it's too hard to stop all together you could try eating side by side and tell him to try and not to watch you. Slowly my girlfriend worked her way up and soon she was okay with me watching her eat.

And if that is just completely out of the question try eating a lot before you go to his house so your stomach doesn't grumble.

I don't know if that helps. I really don't think I'm good at giving advice. But I hope it helps you in some way.


Just go for it. Eat and enjoy your food. It'll feel weird, but it'll soon feel like a relief to be able to enjoy food again and not be so worried. That's the best way out of this one. ;)


Could it be that you're worried about gaining weight because you're happy about being little and that's what your boyfriend likes?? I'm the wrong person to answer this one(LOL) because I wake up hungry and can never miss a meal - but I'm naturally thin. When I was younger I had to eat 3 meals a day plus snacks between each meal - so I wouldn't lose weight. My daughters are the same as me now - little eating machines :)

I agree, just go for it and eat. Eat as healthy as you can and exercise regularly. If you choose healthy foods you'll be able to eat alot more. The body is meant to eat 3 meals a day and breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Very good posts, one and all. Take it slowly, and do it. It will get better.

There are others who are like this, afraid or worried about eating in front of others.