i am diagnosed as schizoeffective disorder, but i also have alot of anxiety and possibly ptsd. I hardly ever leave home... dread bathing...either sleep all the time or not at all.
I dumped my shrink about a year ago... because he made me feel worse(judged and on trial) i went to my family doc who i like and trust... and he put me on a few generic meds that i could afford. I barely check in with him every 5 or 6 months or so... i need to increase my xanax... as its the only time i feel any relief..

i don't know how to find a good doc... or one that wouldn't mess with my meds too much or make me go all the time...



Hi Whickett,

I think you should go to your family doctor and ask to see another psychiatrist. Tell him/her why you didn't like the last one. It's okay that you didn't like the last one. It is important to see a doctor regularly when you're on psychatrict medicine so they can monitor you. Don't lose hope and keep trying. Best of luck.

What are you afraid of? There's a quote I heard from a friend who was studying Buddhism: feel the fear and do it anyway. Be gentle but firm and do what needs to get done.