Well i think i have a problem. Im not sure though and i dont really trust doctors to tell me whats wrong with me. I dont know if its all in my head or something. I go through alot of emotions constantly but they seem to be in a pattern but i cant tell when one starts or one ends. it just seems to be the same. I think of my self as very needy. I like to be close to people. It is very complicated. I have only a couple of friends. But they are more like brothers and sisters to me than anything. They try to help me but end up getting angry with me because i turn into a real ass sometimes. I have been like this for about 5 months. It all started when my girl friend of 3 years said that she couldnt see me anymore because her parents took everything away from her because of me. They never really liked me. I went over to her house as a friend for dinner but it was like being in a house with people wanting to kill you. We met when we were about 13-14 years old and talked ever since then until now. She was the person that truly understood me. she knew everything about me and knew what pissed me off, what made me cry, and what made me happy. We waited 2 years to have sex. And when we did a month later she found out that she had a miscarriage, and her parents were the ones to bring her to the doctor. So thats when it started to get hard"er".
I still love her. I have been trying to contact her for about 3 months now. No luck. Should i just give up and forget? Should i keep trying?
I cant sleep at night, im getting farther and farther away from my family and friends. I need help.
If you need more info, just ask, there's alot more to my sob story.



I am sorry you are unhappy. When someone we love is not in our lives anymore it is hard

but, whatever the reasons, she seems to feel it best you not be together and you do need to try to move on. As you can see, clinging to what is past can really hold you back.

it isnt easy to move on from a broken relationship, but it is possible. But you have to make the decision to let go, and then not pick up the burden again

I dont think you need a doctor...just to allow yourself to be young and have fun and maybe even fall in love again.

I agree with Chemar - since you're both young and she got pregnant, I don't think her parents will allow you both to see each other. Perhaps when you're older you might be able to communicate. It's normal to feel sad, like grieving and it will take time to heal. Try to stay focused in school and have fun with friends. Good luck.

Sorry for the really late response. Thanks for the input. I think that i am just overly emotional and it used to be fine because i used to have someone to vent to often. But, now that i dont have that any more its hard because i am still very emotional and i miss the feeling of having someone there to always talk to. I dont like to bother my friends too much with my problems because i know they have relationship problems of their own. I dont want to say that i am dependent on a relationship but the process of getting use to no being in one is taking a really long time. I have been trying to occupy my time with hobbies and friends. What do yall think i should do? Summer is only a couple weeks away for me and i think im going to be alone for most of it then next school year all my friends are going to different schools, i really dont want to be alone haha. Thanks for the input again!