Sorry for my English, not my speaking language. I will tell you the full story. So basically for the last few days I feel different. Its like I cant think straight, my mind isnt clear and stuff like that, I wouldnt even call it depression or anxiety(even tho at 1st I thought that it is something like that,but Im not suicidal or anything, I dont have some huge panic attacks). Well I feel kinda foggy in my mind. It all started like little less then 2 weeks ago when I found out I have high blood pressure, so I started to be a bit worried, I was still normal, just worried.I was also sick, still am, my throat hurts, I cough, I have clogged ears and a small fever. So I started to smoke low nicotine cigarettes and everything was normal, I had a blast at new years even tho I was also worried about alcohol and my BP. A day after New Years I stopped smoking, almost cold turkey, cause as I remember I did smoke a bit on Wednesday and still normal. At Thursday I smokeed 1 cig in the morning before college( I had an exam),still normal, even tho I was a bit worried about my heart and lungs, but all normal. After the exam a friend asked me to smoke a joint, so I actually did, I thought it would take my edge off, and help me to relax a bit. Now thats when the huge problem started as far as I remember. I was high for a short time, and I did smoke more then I usually do(well I actually only smoked it like 5 times so far and most of it was in like last 2 months, so I`m new to smoking weed, and I never did a whole joint by myself till this time). I was high for a short period of time, well it wasnt the high like it usually was( how it was those other 5 times) I started to be a bit paranoid, about my health, how I will die from cancer or heart attack, it felt like I was going crazy. So I went home, took a nap cause I thought it would all be good after I wake up, but it wasnt, at night, I started to search on google for symptoms and stuff, thats when I 1st read about anxiety, depression and stuff, so I basically became sad and unhappy and I was all messed up. I had a hard time going to sleep that night cause I was overthinking about everything. The morning after, at Friday I dont really remember how I felt, I know that I still had unclear thoughts and it was all foggy, so I asked q on yahoo and I read more about it, I even searched for "feeling weird 2 days after smoking weed" and I read about people having similar symptoms, some said that good weed can cause that, some said that its THC doing some dmg to brain cells and all other stuff. That evening I went to the cinema with 2 friends and during that time, I was still a bit off in my mind but I felt a bit better, we had fun and all that, I smoked one cig that night, it was also low on nicotine. I came home and again I started to feel weird like in an hour. I watched TV on couch and it was a horror movie so it probably triggered something in my brain, cause that night was the worst, I was feeling so weird, so strange,a bit dizzy, like its a bit surreal, and I suddenly started to shake cause I was cold, I was sweating also. I check my BP and it was 162, so I freaked and went to bed asap. In the morning I was still off, then around 5AM I decided to check on yahoo if someone answered and this guy suggested exercise, so I did it, and man I felt soooo much better, almost back to normal, I had fun, finally was able to talk normally with everybody in my house. I went to bed last night, all happy and normal. Today when I woke up, I was normal, I know I was, until I started to think about it again, I freaked again, I wasnt talkative anymore, I just ate lunch and tried to study, and I wasnt able to concentrate, I would think about this all the time. So I tried to exercise again and I took a shower and stuff, didnt feel that much better this time, and like after that I went to play table tennis with some friends, and one of them smokes, so I asked for cig and he had Marlboro which I used to smoke, I took one puff and I felt like I really needed it, it felt so good, so I was normal again, for like 3,4 hours, still not sure was it cause of the exercise or the cig. Now Im still quite good, even tho I can feel like its coming back and thats why I`m asking your help, what should I do. Im not sure anymore if weed caused this, if nicotine withdrawal caused this, or nothing drinking coffee caused this( I didnt drink it also for 3 days, cause I dont feel like going to the coffee bar). I want to add that I do feel a bit more hungry these days, I need more water also, I pee a lot more, and at 1st I used to take a crap more often, not today tho. Yesterday and today I dont feel like I will die, Im just thinking about whats causing this, its like lil mood swings, not sure if thats the best way to describe them, but I go from good and normal, to something on my mind which I cant figure out. I also want to add that I did have a bit stressful year, so it can be that, but the thing I`m mostly afraid of is that if its something mentally, like anxiety or depression, really hope not. I never in my life felt like this :((( . I will never smoke weed again, and now I dont know if I should smoke cigs and drink coffee, cause thats maybe it, maybe that will get me back on track, cause my brain is missing nicotine and caffeine. But at the same time I`m scarred what if it makes this worse. PLS READ and give a proper answer


Hello Nate

you said that after you learned of having high blood pressure and these symptoms started, you were "also sick" and that your "throat hurt".....did you have strep? I am asking because streptococcus infections, as well as some other infections, are believed to sometimes cause mental health symptoms due to inflammation in certain areas of the brain (basal ganglia) This most often manifests in children, but I have heard it is also being noticed in some young adults.

There is also evidence that weed can cause some adverse symptoms in susceptible individuals, and so that may just have added to things, but honestly, I would wonder if you are not dealing with some kind of infection reaction? Not all doctors are aware of this, but still, you may want to see your doctor again and tell them of these symptoms.

Hi - sorry you haven't been feeling well and good you're not going to smoke weed. Since weed isn't regulated you can't be sure to get the same reaction, plus its been known to have some adverse psychological reactions in some people. Being diagnosed with HBP can seem daunting so you may be feeling some anxiety. Did the doctor prescribe any meds or discuss why you have this - for example you might need to alter your diet and exercise more.

The best thing to do is become educated and proactive - do whats necessary to lower your blood pressure. I recommend not smoking since tobacco makes blood pressure higher. Learn how to eat healthy, look at your family history and make some positive lifestyle changes. The more control you have over your health the less anxiety you'll feel. If you don't feel better soon then discuss this with your doctor. Best of luck.