I have this urge to pull my hair , sometimes I don’t even notice Im doing it . I started at a very young age maybe I was about 12 or 13 Im 19 now . I started off by pulling out one by one from the top scalp of my head . Sometimes I don’t even notice Im doing it but before I know it I can litterly pick up a hair ball from the floor from all the hair Ive pulled out . Its such a weird feeling, its like it gives me pleasure to pull out hair by hair . I exmain the hair before I pull it , from the sclap to the tip . The thicker hairs are the ones I choose , usally those come out with this little white bulb at the tip , I figured its like a piece of scalp or something . I rub the piece of hait trough my lips and face , sometimes I pull out a bunch with the bulb at the end line them up all together and when I have a decent ammount I grab them all together and rub them against my lips and face aswell . At first when I was younger it became a bad habbit but now I do it when I get anxious, angry, when I throw fits (which I have alot over absolutley nothing!) and I just start pulling out hairs like its the end of the world! I need help I dont wana do this but I cant help myself! I dont think anypne understand my frustration with this and how much it affects me .


Hi - you're brave for discussing this and you should tell your doctor so you can get help for this. This won't go away on its own and you're not alone so don't feel embarrassed. The medical name for this is, Trichotillomania which is a form of OCD. Make sure you don't eat the hair because some people ingest the hair - since its indigestible it can cause a blockage in the intestines. This problem can get out of control where the person pulls eyelashes, eyebrows and nearly all their hair.

Then white bulb is called the Papilla - if its pulled repeatedly the root can become weak and not grow back. Don't suffer alone and get the right help from a doctor who specializes in OCD related problems. Here's a good website - just copy and past on your browser.


thank you very much! I could say I have alot of "will power" ... I could try to stop but before I know it Im back at it! they say its a "bad habbit" but I feel like its more then that! I deffenetly will look into some proffesional help.

You're welcome. With a normal habit, the common willpower tricks help. Since this is OCD related, the tricks only help temporarily because its not just a matter of self control or logic. For example if a person with OCD has to check 100 times if the iron is off or wash his/her hands 10 times - we can tell them, you logically turned the iron off or your hands are clean....but it doesn't soothe their urges. The reason is it stems from the brain and the disorder - it compels them to do the ritual because it soothes their stress.

Very good you're going to get help because this isn't within simple self control. On the website I posted they have fidgeting toys to keep your hands busy. Make an appointment as soon as possible and be honest with your doctor - best of luck.

wow I never knew this was actually this searious till now that Im making some research on it! Thank you very much!