I have problems ... I get mad easily and irritated very fast . Esp, at home. I sometimes keep it in and sometimes when i'm fed up with it I just start to scream. I feel like nothings right ... Or going to be if I don't include myself and finish w.e it may be alone . Sometimes I get depressed and start to cry .... For no reason at all . I like to be myself . Im more comfortable that way . I dont trust people like I used to ... I feel like Everyones fake now , and if I dont watch my back they'll end up using me . I tend to not like a whole lot of people , and find something about them ( their flaws ) that I don't like . I feel like in this world , I cant trust anybody .... And that eventually everyone will leave me at the end . I tend to not put trust and relationships on top , because they can always be broken . I can picture myself alone in the future without family or friends ... Honestly I find it okay , there's no problem with that . Ive stopped talking to people , I only have a few close and good frienda who I surround myself with . After I graduate though I dont see those same friends being in my life ...... ! I just want to be alone . People die , things change , relationships dont last , and eventually everything ends .... That's somewhat my moto . I only trust my bff , and yet sometimes I dont .... I know one day she'll be gone . whats the point in having friends , having a tight real relationship when it all ends up crashing down and ending . I dont want to fight to keep it alive , the only person who truly understands me , and will always be there for me is myself I dont need anybody else. I dont know why I feel like this .... Maybe its my past . I've been hurt , left , used , and in pain . I dont want the same thing happening ....before I used to think friendship lasts forever ... Relationships are real ... etc . But now I see the world is nothing more than a place filled with meaningless everything . I know I'll never find anyone real ....worth my time ... Kidness... Friendship .... Im not emo or goth . Im nice usually , fun , and I usually have a smile on my face .... But inside I feel confused , sad , etc .. Yet I like to be Alone . ........ Advice please ?


Hi Keke Marie - sorry you're struggling with many questions about life and relationships. Have you considered getting evaluated since you're dealing with deep feelings and outbursts you mentioned at the beginning of your post?? It would probably help to have a therapist to vent your feelings to. Yes friendships challenge us and seem fickle sometimes. In addition as we mature, we sometimes grow out of some friendships if life takes us in different directions. If you are having some emotional problems like depression, this can make us feel pessimistic towards others and retreat socially.

We all go through relationship disappointments, but sometimes its better to feel some pain and disappointment, rather than be alone. Have you thought about speaking with a counselor? I hope things change and don't give on friendships and relationships. Best of luck.

I agree that it's a good idea to reach out. Professional help is always an option and I think it would be worth your time to talk to your bff. There are always tough times, but it's important for you to know they'll be there for you. It will also be easier for people to help if they know that what you are going through.

Best wishes!

You are right, you do understand yourself but you don't understand others, that's the reasons you're left used, hurt.

You need to figure out why you feel this way. I know that is whay you are on here posting questions but what I do is look really deeply into a single situation and ask why? Why do I think friendships are fake, because ive been burned before, why was I burned? e.t.c. When i come to answer these questions there is only two things I ever think I need to remember 1:Be positive! :) There is alot of negativity in your question. 2: You always learn from your mistakes and from bad things that happen to you. Even if your burned by relationships they keep you away from people like that in the future soooo, now you are a much stronger person than you were before this happened.

Better to have loved and lost than to never love at all!

God never closes a door without opening a window!

In other words nothing is ever all bad. Bad things happen for a reason. Maybe that reason that is only a good person away!

I think you understand yourself but maybe you're finding it hard to understand others.