i started making myself sick since end of nov and do it a lot were doing it in psych and i fit in the definition what do i do? im 17 and obsessed i count calories and all my mates are worried. im constantly thinking about my necxt meal and wat i wil do to burn off the calories. i tried at school but hid how bad it was n im scared aswell cos i dot wana stop but i know its bad for you. however i like how bad it is, i need this control but need to stop obsessing and stuff ! please help


Have you talked to a doctor or therapist yet about this? You really do need to do so.

Here is what the DSM-IV (and Psych Central) say about it:


Jade, I would definitely check with a medical professional right away, because the longer you wait, the worse it becomes...and you are so young and have so much left to live for. Fight for yourself! Show up at a doc's and tell them what you told us.

I wish the best for you,