Well, thanksgiving just passed, and it was horrible. I binged and purged about 6 times. It was even worse that everyone kept telling me I looked good and asked how I lost so much weight. I just felt so guilty throwing up my food on a dau when I'm supposed to be thankful for everything I have. How am I supposed to make it through christmas? I want to be able to enjoy opening all my presents and spending time with my family instead of worrying about food.


Hi Mia

are you seeing a therapist for your eating disorder? If not you should be as that really is the only way to get help! I would also suggest joining our forum section as there is a support group there for people who have EDs Just click COMMUNITY top left of the page and register for the forums

it is much harder than just telling someone, I've been trying to do that, but I can't. I just feel so disgusting and feel like people will be mad if they found out because even though people say it is a mental illness and I didn't choose it, I kind of did and now I regret it. I really do wish I could tell someone.

Ok but what is the alternative? Doing what you are doing now...which sounds a lot worse than maybe just telling someone!!

You are trying to cope with something alone that is way too hard to!

At least take a step in the right direction and join the forum. You can remain anonymous, no-one asks for any personal info, and you will be able to share just like you are here, but with peole who understand because they are going through it themselves and so can offer you support and maybe some coping tips. Surely that is better than just doing nothing and continuing the agony you are suffering alone?