I am 13 years old and I think I have depression, I have done test online
And that all came back positive what does that mean and I depressed?
My friend is and she said to talk to someone but i don't know who and how
I'm scared, how to I tell my parents.

The other night I was going to kill myself but I thought of my friend and what
She's be going threw I lost a friend once to suicide what is she going to do?
How do I tell my parents If I'm depressed I'm only 13 how could this happen please
Help me I'm scared and lost and done know what to do?



you do need to tell an adult that you trust about how you have been feeling.

Everyone gets a bit depressed every now and then, but when it becomes so deep that you consider suicide, then you do need to get help!

I would suggest you just be honest with your parents, or at least one of them, and say exactly what you told us here.

Sometimes people get a lot more depressed during the winter because of the change in climate and so there can be many reasons for depression. It is not something to feel ashamed about...it is just your mind and emotions not being well...no different than if your body got ill and needed a doctor.

I do hope you will talk to an adult that you trust about this so you can get help.

God Bless

I agree with Chemar - you do need to tell and adult and immediately. Remember it gets better! If you feel like committing suicide, just think of everything good that has happened to you - the little things count too. Think of your accomplishments, it could be something as simple as cooking dinner for someone else. I may not know you, but one thing I can say is that you are loved by family and friends. Think about them when things get difficult; it helps. :)

God Bless You

Yevarekh Otakh Ha-Shem

I think you should try and figure out why you feel so sad. Talk to someone about it. I know it may be hard because when one feels down, they feel like something is terribly wrong with them and that no one will understand. Find someone you trust and talk about how you feel. Writing helps plenty too.

You should get some help and an adult is the best way to actually get help. I'm not strong enough to get help from anyone but I hope you are


I think there is no get to get too much worried about this. You should try to think about what is that you are depressed about and why. This way you will be able to know the reason why are you depressed and find a way to be alright. Also consider to talk to an adult as this maybe helpful for you.

I think yes tell them! Because i'm 16 and I didn't know what was wrong with me but age 14-15 I hated myself and began to cut... eventually it progressed and I tried suicide but I was sent to a behavriol center (by the hospital) and I was diagnosed with so many thing but now I have medicann for my depression, you need to tell them like now bcause once it spirals out of hand believe me its to late I've been there!