Hi about a year ago I was diagnosed with OCD. I have coped with it quite well over the years, well enough until last passed fall time of 2011 and again it appeared to return just under two months ago.

I'm trying to find ways to cope with it. I have found a few triggers such as fall time (I think) or end of summer. Certain bands (music) at certain times make me in a way, queezy. And newly found that when I volunteer to work at the bingo, I go on edge all day.

I have to volunteer there as part of my job. I'm not sure what about it makes me feel the way that I do but it drives me crazy, so to speak. My job is to walk around sell the cards to customers. I walk in a large cirlce waiting for customers to call on me...I walk faster than everybody else, constantly looking around for customers with raised hands or eyes looking at me. I actually lap the other workers. I find this effects the way that I act for the rest of the day in the least. My nervous twitches come out and I'm rubbing my hands, scratching myself, flicking my fingers, toes and rubbing my elbows into my sides.

Today is one of those days after bingo. Bingo ended at 3:30pm and it is now almost 1am. I still feel amped up or energized, nervous twitches and worst of all my mind has been cluttered all day with my thoughts about my problems, doubts, insecurities and whatever has been on my mind over the past few months. I don't know how to be me when I feel like this and it leaves me feeling a little depressed and anxious.

Maybe I just need to vent here or maybe some people who have felt the same, might have some advice for me. I want to own my problem, wear it and overcome it.


Hi - what did the doctors do after your diagnosis - any therapy or medications? Its difficult to control OCD without any treatment, since it not just simple control you can do. Ask your doctor for a referral to a specialist treating OCD. You can also join the forum section by clicking on Community. Its will be more manageable with professional help and good luck.

I don't know that volunteering at bingo is a good idea. It is a fast game, you have to be constantly alert. Maybe find something more peaceful to work at.

cbt with someone to help you face your fears is a good way

i have felt the same...when thoughts race your head and you start worrying about soo many diffrent things.. do u also feel nervous at times ..im not diagnosed to have ocd but 99% i think i do..do you also feel very self concious and nervous or does that not relate to you