I am a 14 year female. I prefer my doors and windows to be closed. Let me tell you that when I'm outside the house, amongst the society, I freely and openly talk to all. But just that I prefer to be left alone when I'm home. I need my space. I do not like unknown people. I do not like nosy people. But my parents constantly oppose this. Not that I do not converse. I am having a huge Friend Circle. Then why are parents opposing my closed doors and curtains. I spoke to my closest mature friends, they said that I'm an extrovert. Then why do I prefer my curtains and doors closed? Why are my parents against this? plz help me!!


I am not sure why your friends think you are an extrovert or why they feel qualified to make such a diagnosis?

I saw you made another post about your mother opposing you, so it seems perhaps you are having some kind of oppositional issues with your mother, which is not unusual for a teenager ;)

I would suggest you just sit down with your mom and explain how you feel about these things and that you just like to be private and quiet at home.

It really does not sound like this or your other question indicates any real problems other than just the changes that take place as you go through the teenage years

I would say it's for your own peace of mind!

No 1 wants unexpected company from out of nowhere!!

Your a girl!!

Protection is so very important to you and for you!

They maybe thinking that you might have something to hide!

Or doing something that you do not want them to know about!

That! Maybe their thinking.



There is a big difference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Try to talk nicely to your parents or to your Mom and maybe it will help you.Open up...and talk..

When I was your age. (a 100 years ago) I was the same way. I liked my "alone" time. I had a huge circle of friends and had a lot of fun when I was out and about with them. Sometimes we need time in peace and quiet to just sit and get our personal "thoughts" straight. When you are a teen, this is VERY important. I had 6 children, all grown now and I allowed them that time to develop. You are becoming "YOU". If it was a "constant" need to be alone then you'd have issues, but I think you are just going through a phase and growing as a person. Maybe if you had a "girls night" with your Mom and invited her into YOUR space, she'd feel better about allowing you to spend alone time. It couldn't hurt, and who knows, maybe your Mom will find that she too could use some "ME" time and start her own little ritual of shutting the world out for an hour or two a day?