I had this best friend two years ago. We did everything together and we were like copies of each other we were so similar. The thing is, after a time, she started being really rude and ignoring me and putting me down. Then, when I'd think we were no longer friends and stop talking to her, she started talking to me and asking me why I was ignoring her! Eventually, we stopped talking altogether and I'm still not sure why. Now, we're in a church choir together and she started talking to my current best friend, then saying hi to me. She won't talk to me about much- just school and pets, etc.- but I still wanna be her friend again, even though she really hurt me. I know I shouldn't be her friend again and I'm still mad at her, but then why do I miss her and want to be her friend?



You answered the question yourself...you said that she was a lot like you, and that you two were like "mirror copies", so perhaps by refusing to be friends with you for a while, you felt like you were losing a part of yourself?

Also, if we are friends with people, and want to stay friends, it does happen to us that we get mad at them, or hurt at them when they do things we don't like...its kind of like or family dynamic--we disagree with the way they act, so we get upset.

If you want to be friends with her again, I would discuss with her what you discussed with us here, that you feel that she left you, or didnt want to be friends with you anymore and you couldnt figure out why. Hopefully she explains herself to your satisfaction.

Hope this helps...