I'm am afraid for my friends who have teenagers. It seems that everyone I know has a teenager on meds of some kind. Depression, Anxiety, ADD, Mood Stabilizers...and virtually everyone I know who has teenage girls have them on a "cocktail" of these meds. It has been a well known fact that teenagers are struggle with hormones, and emotional growth that not only is horribly difficult for the teen, but frustrating and trying for the parents. It seems to me that if we are treating our kids to make them easier to live with, then we are doing them a terrible disservice. This time in their lives is when they are learning crucial emotional coping skills..you are only teaching your child to go for a bottle when stressed, sleepless, anxious or sad. How 'bout we teach them how to cope with these feelings before we throw pills at them. Seems that anxiety disorder, bi-polar disorder, depression and ADD are an inevitable diagnosis if you happen to take your teen to the doctor for professional help....wonder if a doctor has ever uttered the words, "Well, Mr. Smith, looks like your son is a healthy, disgruntled teen who hates doing homework and only cares about himself, but this is just a phase that he will go through. So, if he's not a threat to others or to himself, then patiently be there for him, love him, and help him learn to grow and cope, for HIS sake, not yours." I'm sure there are doctors out there who know this, but they don't get money unless the patient needs ongoing care, right?



I do agree that there are some docs who just do nothing but overmedicate. I dont know any one from PC who agrees with that overmedication. But add to the fact that there are many who do so, and you have a problem. There are those docs who get "pressured" to try a new med, and while it isnt right at all, it seems to increase those usages of meds.

I also agree with you that sometimes, children/adolescents are just "going through a stage" and need to do so...but we always cant blame the docs, either...sometimes, the parents themselves want them on the meds so they dont have to deal with them, either.

Its a horrible dilemma for some children...

I, as a teenager myself, totally disagree with you. I have so many things wrong with me my problems are at this link:


and without the medications, i would be dead right now. same with my sister. same with half my family. These medications are a crucial point in my life.

I agree there are too many doctors willing to medicate instead of having the children learn good self care and discipline. Therapy works well for many of the issues of today. Of course, if we had parents trained in how to raise children (and teachers also trained I might add) we wouldn't be seeing the children acting out like they do.

With this, I include not eating out at fast foods, but eating wholesome meals together as a family. Amazing what issues that can solve!

Hey now -

I'm 15. I take A TON of meds...but they keep me alive!! I have a history of at least six or seven cancers, epilepsy, lupus, Tourette's, depression, anemia, B12 defficiency, stroke, aneurysm. I've been through a lot!! It's hard to NOT be depressed after all those doctor appointments and tests and treatments. The truth is, some teens just have problems! Sure, parents do suffer along with their teens (sometimes) but teens have it the worst. School is difficult. Many parents would agree that they would NEVER want to go to school like teens do nowadays. IT'S HARD STUFF!! Our classes are highly difficult and the work is stressful. And besides that - you're generalizing. Not every teen is that self-centered and just doesn't want to do their homework. Don't generalize. It's pretty freaking amazing what depression does to your mind and body.

Sky -

Because everyone wants a magic pill. Parents want an excuse for why their kid gets in trouble at school, or can't focus and gets bad grades, etc. We overmedicate with the belief that we're helping ourselves- when we aren't necessarily doing that. We notice every inconvenience, and prefer a pill to good old fashioned working at it. Can you imagine if our ancestors could see us know? They'd be ashamed. Sure, some people really need and benefit from meds. But, too often, people are overdiagnosed and given pills since doctors don't know what else to do with them. It's time we chalk some problems up to life, aging, and being normal. I.e., fibromyalgia or chronic stress. That's human, and often stems from poor nutrition, being overweight, lack of exercise, a genetic predisposition to noticing more pain, depression, and overall not staying in proper physical, active shape.

Heh... my cousin's ADHD medicine made him permanently Bipolar... I know a lot of kids who were on meds when they didn't need to be... I also know a lot of kids who really needed meds...