So here's the thing: i used to be, like, a saint. I was always doing great stuff and i was totally trustworthy with everyone and had the biggest conscience ever. Now, i break about every single rule in my house, I'm rude, i lie ALL the time and i get pleasure from being such a sick bitch.
I'm mean, i know that. I still care about what happens to animals and people and stuff, but I'm still SO bitchy! i lie practically every day, even when i don't need to, and i get pleasure from it. I enjoy playing with peoples' minds and screwing their brain around. I love getting them all confused and making them believe things that aren't true. and I'm also REALLY good at it! i can get just about anyone to believe anything, and i can come up with an elaborate story on the spot. and i love toying with people emotions and concepts.
Do you think this is a disorder or just me being some sicko?



There is a thing called Pathological Lying. Try this site:

for a search on "pathological lying."

That sounds exactly like what you are mentioning.

Seek treatment for it, especially if you feel it is messing up your life, as well as others around you.



Thanks Clyde, for the help! The sites were very helpful.

Thanks for the reply!

Glad to help!

Everyone believes you because of your history of being a "saint".

I USED to be a HUGE liar when I was younger..I think everything that came out of my mouth was a lie. It will catch up with you. When it did with me NO ONE believed anything I ever said, and it broke me down.

Now, I don't lie about anything, and when I try to hide something, I can't last more than an hour. We all go through stages in our lives. I used to love lying and angering people, I don't know why, but I did. You will learn with time and experience what is really important and will stop lying when the ones closest to you don't trust you.

The worst thing is when someone does it to you, and you see how badly it hurts. You will get over this, but the sooner the better.

Thanks, ckindred, for the help!

I think that you don't enjoy lying, you enjoy the rush of getting away with that lie. Lying just happens to be one of the things that we people are good at.