I have recently had surgery from reflux and thought all my problems would go away but unfortunately it hasn't. i still have allot of trouble sleeping, eating and concentrating. i feel as do there is no future for me and i am locked in a cell wit no key to get out. i left my job last week to try take it easy for a few months to put weight back on, i am 121 pounds and 5ft 10 in height. i have already done therapy for 2yrs and have only finished in April. i feel it helped allot but everyday lift seems to be getting me down.


Has this issue only really been since the therapy has ended?

There could be lots of different things that could be affecting the way you feel. How is your mood? Is it always as you mentioned above? It could be depression, it could be anxiety, it could be very many different things.

So, I would recommend seeing your Doc or your previous T (or another one) for a quick answer session. I hope they can find out what is honestly going on, and of course, I wish you well.