I lived with my mother for about two years. During one of those years we weren't really getting along at all. I was forced to stay home most of the time and nothing I did was ever seemed good enough. She had hit me across the face a few times, but never enough to bruise or show or anything like that. I've told her not to hit me and she would scream that she was going to slam my face into the computer desk. She has told me numerous times that I'm worthless and stupid, things like that. I'm a little bit afraid of her, but it never really seemed like abuse until I looked back on it. Was it abuse or am I grossly overreacting?


Yes, it was abuse. Sometimes when you are in an abusive situation you do not realize it. You are too busy coping. But yes, your mother was abusive. She took out her rage and frustration on you. No one deserves to be called worthless and stupid and physical abuse is just not acceptable. When your parent doesn't validate you as a human being, your self-esteem drops. You wonder if there is something wrong with you that provoked this reaction but the reality is that abusive people need a target and any target will do, especially a young, vulnerable child. I hope that you have a good therapist to help you deal with this issue. All the best.

Yes, I would call it abuse. I would not think it acceptable either...just like Spal said, no one deserves that.

If she threatens, its one thing (emotional) from what I understand, but actually doing it would of been physical.

Just glad you are out of there...please stay safe...

Yes, It was abuse. No one deserves to go through that. Trust me, I'd know...If you think a therapist would help you, I think that would be a good idea to help you through this. Sometimes when this happened to me, I thought I was overreacting. But I wasn't, and you aren't either. I hope everything's working out for you. All the best of luck :)

You're over reacting. My mother used to whip me with a razor strop until I was bruised and bleeding. I am now 63 and have many scars from that on my back, chest, legs, arms and butt. She used to also lock me in the coal bin for up to four days at a time without food or water. She broke my arm and didn't take me to a doctor to have it set for 6 days. And I suffered malnutrition because of her no feeding me.

She died last year at age 90. I certainly hope there is a Hell for her to g to. But anyway, I'm glad she's dead.