I broke up with my fiance three weeks into my pregnancy. I have been off my meds for bipolar because of risk to the fetus. In my head, I was angry and tired of him. I didn't like anything about him anymore. Now that I left him, I'm depressed. I miss him and want him in my baby's life. Was this all a bad episode? Did I completely overreact and ruin our relationship?


I would first ask how long you have been off your meds? If you planned on your pregnancy than you probably had enough time to allow yourself to level out, but you would also have to take into consideration that your hormones will be all over the place with your pregnancy. Last but not least you will have to take into account your mindset of how you both have been reacting to the news of your pregnancy and if either of you have had doubts, this could possibly be just a over reaction... having a baby is life altering. How are things? have you still been talking with your ex? It is normal to miss him , you have just ended a relationship....

Have you tried to talk to him since then? I can definitely understand wanting him to be in your and the babies life. It could be just a bad episode...

Talk to him, if you can, or email him. If you miss him as you say, you probably do want him back with you and to be around the baby.

Even if the relationship doesnt work out, at least possibly having him as a good friend, and still the father of the baby is well worth having him back in your life.

Keep in touch!