Every once in a while it crosses my mind that some of the inanimate objects in my flat could come to life and talk to me IE ornaments/stuffed toys.Then i start expecting them to do so.

Although i know that the thought isn't rational/sensible it is difficult to shake off though it does go away after a period of time by it's own volition

Is the above delusional if not what is it?


To me, its just normal...I myself feel that way off and on. Its not that much or many times, but I do feel that way occasionally. Like if I am burning trash, I think, "Oh, what if that paper could feel?" Knowing full well it cannot, but I think there for a split second it can.

Heck, my stuffed animals when I was younger I always thought would talk too...so who knows.

Honestly, I just feel its normal, as long as you don't do it that much and don't really expect them to answer back.

Now, if they decide to answer back, that's a whole 'nother question to ask ;)


I agree with Clyde, it sounds pretty normal. Well, maybe not normal, but there's nothing wrong. I do the same thing, except i usually think someone is posessing my objects and watching me. If you really think something is wrong, i suggest talking to a doctor or psyciatrist.

Best of luck,


I feel like if this is something you can deal with having happen, then it is probably normal. I too often wonder if my stuffed animals can think, feel, wether they have a soul ect. Some people think any object that is loved can have a spirit to it - so who really knows?

On the other hand, if this is something that is having a negative impact on your life, i think you should try seeing a therapist who can help you figure out what is going on.

It could be an inner child exercising his imagination! ;)