He has very few periods of calm between long bouts of depression (he often tells me he hates life, is never happy, etc.) and mania (can't sit still, goes on spending-sprees). Along with these, he gets very little sleep at night (takes several unscheduled naps a day at work/home), has a very unpredictable and violent temper, and gets very angry at the smallest thing, most of the time.

He also has big problems with road rage: for example, today we were driving home and some elderly people slowed down in front of us because it was a tight two-lane road with a moving-van parked on one side, and although he was able to stifle his usual tirade of swearing, when the driver did speed up, because it wasn't to the speed limit, he said something to the effect that the old man was doing it on purpose to assert that he was in control, like it was some sort of power play.

Beyond all this, he works 8-10 hours a day at a $60~ thousand a year job, spends a good 2-3 hours a weekday and more on weekends on social activism (helping the poor), and is extremely active in his church. He's always had problems with authority, has very strong opinions on just about everything, and does everything in his power to win even the smallest of arguments. He also complains of extreme anxiety, and suffers stomach pain on most days. Oh, and he works out every night (as he has for almost 30 years), and walks for exercise at least 3 miles a day just to maintain this level of sanity.

I really need to know what is wrong with him, if anything, so I can research it more. I've tried unsuccessfully to get him to seek counseling, and I'm getting worried that he might get violent with my mother if I don't act.


it sounds very much like a bipolar mood disorder because he sounds alot like me.(jess)

It does indeed sound like a bipolar mood disorder to me as well.



Yes, definetly sounds like a bipolar disorder. Schizoaffective is a combination of schizophrenia AND a mood disorder, and I see no evidence of schizophrenia symptoms (loss of reality, hallucinations, etc.)from what you wrote. If you can get him to see a professional, ultimately the right combination of mood-stabilizing medication and therapy could make a world of difference.

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the only reason i would think schioaffective is because he is delusional about those old people doing a power play or something on him. He has these grandiose ideas about himself that he is so important that people are trying to show that they are higher up than he is, when really, it has nothing to do with him or who has the upper hand. if he's hallucinating than for sure schizoaffective if not schizophrenia but otherwise what i thought were "delusions" could just be a personality disorder he has where he has MAJOR control issues. bipolar sounds sounds right on the dot. see a psychiatrist if u believe in meds and hell prob be prescribed tricyclics to bring him out of a depression or if hes in a manic state then some stabilizers like valproate....meds have side effects tho so if you wanna do soemthing else try cognitive or behavioral thereapy.