Ok here's my problem a year ago i was at a friends party at the time I was depressed a bit about a girl who rejected me and I was feeling down on myself.
I was always the party type of guy used to pick up chicks and everything.
Now at this party there was a friend who's gay cousin came and they asked us to be nice to him becauze he was the only gay guy.
Now we started drinking i spotted a girl whit who i ended up in bed but before that we got really really drunk i dont remember a thing from that night only that i woke up whit the girl and everything else my friends told me.
Now here comes the thing that disturbes me since that friend who had that gay cousin is a good friend of mine i was nice to the guy and we talked alot that night and it felt good that someone listened to me about my problems but i also got very drunk... and my friends say they saw us kiss 2 times and after that i went whit that girl i spotted to a room and and that's where i woke up the next day.

Now what i wanna know am i gay ?

I never ever looked at men whit attraction since I know myself I always loved girls even my favorite is girl on girl.Even after this party I hooked up whit chicks.
After this event i even looked at gay porn to be sure i'm not aroused but couldn't look more then 10 sec because i find it disgusting.

I know about myself that im a bit paranoid kind and for some reason i always provoke myself whit stupid things like this so i cant sleep at night.Just like last time I had to go to a hospital whit my lungs and since then i had this paranoia that im gonna end up whit cancer.
And this event has been haunting me for a while had a few sleepless nights and i just wanna know is this my paranoia or sometime in the future i'm gonna discover that i'm gay?


Hi - no I don't think you're gay and have you thought your friends possibly made this up to get you all worried??? Since you said you're worried about having cancer after having trouble with your lungs, its reasonable to believe this is you being worried ...not that you're gay. Either they are lying or you were too out of it, to know what you were doing.

I feel the need to say this in general - in todays society there too much mindless sex happening. One of the most beautiful things in the world is, a sexual relationship with someone you love and care deeply about. There's a difference between having sex and making love.

In the future, don't get sexually involved when you're too far under the influence - people make reckless decisions when they don't have full mental capacity - for example many forget to practice safe sex. If a person's that drunk, they could also get alcohol poisoning or vomit when they're sleeping, resulting in severe pneumonia or death. If you actually did kiss, it doesn't mean you're gay - you most likely didn't know what you were doing.

You're not gay. Relax.