i have a friend from my childhood. he is a good friend of mine. i helped him when he loved some other girl. infact she is also one of my friends. after sometime, they broke up. and he cried alot. i helped him coming out of depression as he is my best friend. one day he behaved so wierdly. he tried to have sex with me. i slapped him and i cried alot and requested him many times to stop it. he dint listened to me. after that he started to cry and said that he was extremely sorry for everything. but i was hurt and stopped talking to him for three long years.
after 3 years, again i met him because his mother asked me to talk to him since he has been in that depression for three years. i talked to him and again after seeing his depression i started to take care of him because i really like him and he is my best friend and i cant let him being in depression because of me. one day he said he proposed two girls in those 3 years. and now he loves me. i dont know why when i see him being with another girl hurts me a lot. someday i realised that i love him too. then i told him. for sometime we were happy. but after that he asked me to have sex with him. i told him i dont like it before marriage. he insisted several times. i cried alot. he did whatever he wanted. and i said our parents willnot accept our love so we shouldnot be together. i cried a lot.
after 2days he said he cant stay without me and having sex with me. i compromised several times as i love him so much. but he started doing everything ignoring my feelings.
one day his mother asked me to stay away from him and he shouldnot know about this. i did whatever she said. even if i love him alot, i told him that this is over.
but he told me this is not over he still loves me alot. i cant live without him too. i did whatever he wanted. but one day he told he has been moving close with some other girl since he want money and he said he had to do it as he had no other way.
after some days a friend of that girl who is also a friend of mine told me that they are lovers and she said they both spend 1 night together. i was collapsed. and immediately i asked him. he said he want money so he flirted her and went to take money that night and because of some circumstances he had to stay there. but nothing happend that night. and said he was so sorry about it. but he did everything because of me. i told him that everything is over so he went to some other girl.
i went to depression for three months and i couldnot talk to him. i cried alot and again talked to him after 3 months as he requested me to be like before. as i still love him i cant be without him and i cant be with him as he betrayed me.



Your problem is messed up between friendship and relations. Trust is an important element of relations. He has betrayed you once and has option to betray you once again. I do not think you should pair up with him once again. But this does not mean that you should not talk to him, and not be friends with him. Let him remain your friend and not boyfriend. Good Luck! :)

I don't agree! can think of>way

He after all this time!!!

Was and is trying to get you to have sex with him in any he could think of!

And you stood your ground!!!!

You go girl!!!!

Trying to prove that you love a guy by doing anything/everything you can!

Is compromising yourself!!!!!

Not proving yourself!!!!!!!

You do not have to prove to a guy that you love him!!!!

If he does not get the hint of feeling.

He is not worth knowing any further!!!!!!!!!!!!