Hi guys.
I've been having symptoms of depression for months now...you know feeling sad most of the time,isolated,i've lost intrest in the things i did often.i dont wanna be around people,i feel useless,having suicidal thoughts and my marks have dropped real bad..i have lost touch with everything,i just dont know who iam anymore.
I avoid being with people cause most of the time they ask me questions about myself,which i cant answer because i dont really have an answer..
I've always been a shy girl but this year it got worse,my self-esteem is so low i cant do certain things like look at myself in the mirror.i dont like what i see even though people compliment me on my looks and body.
I feel so abnormal,i dont belong anywhere esp. With people.i dont have friends,i find it hard to socialise with other people...also i'm very quiet,reserved and i hate talking about the things that bother me,i rather bottle them up to avoid feeling stupid.
Can this be a serious thing or it's just a phase? Am i depressed or do i have some kind of disorder?


Hi - when your emotions start interfering with your life, this is a sign to get professional help - suicidal thoughts shouldn't be ignored. Were you shy before these thoughts started? Being a teenager is a difficult time and keeping things bottled up isn't the way to go. Would you be comfortable speaking with the school counselor?

Experts know if young teenage girls regularly exercise and belong to some kind of team, their self esteem is stronger. Physical activity also boosts general mood. My girls are 10/14 and luckily they have strong self esteem. Staying on the right path is also very important. You don't want to be tempted with drugs or alcohol to cover up your feelings. Please tell a responsible adult so you can get the right help. Hope it gets better for you.

I can relate to your post. I used to be an out going guy that love to laugh and joke around. A few months ago maybe 7 things just changed for me. I became inverted always anxious and nervous. I have yet to figure out what is wrong with me ... all I dont know is that at this pace if it keeps up it is going to kill me.

I think what your experiencing is just a "phase" but the suicidal thoughts are a very serious matter. When I was in high school I made friends with a younger boy who was experiencing suicidal thoughts and I told his sister because I knew that he had a very close relationship with her and that she could be trusted. He actually told me over Christmas break which is when I contacted her. They gathered at a church and talked together as a family. His dad couldn't thank me enough, you have to realize that you mean so much to the people who surround you and at times its difficult to open up and socialize but you can't exclude yourself from everything. Maybe you could look into some clubs at your school so that you can gather with like minded people and met new friends. Also what has helped me is going for walks or runs when I feel upset. I'm sorry your having troubles but things will get better! keep your head up and take those compliments! :)