Hi All
I am BPD and I just wanted to ask is this overwhelming feeling part of it .Every situation that comes my way seems way too big and if more than 1 occurs im just so overwhelmed I feel like I cant cope or im loosing control .It scars me as I dont want to go back to my old way's but I just want to feel able to go a day without feeling like im drowning .I am in therapy and on meds but it works while im there but not if I try help myself ,feel like such a failure :-(
Thanks for reading this xxxx


Hi there,

has your therapist provided you with any self help things to do when you are feeling overwhelmed like this? Do you feel the meds are helping? If not then it may be worth a call to the therapist to let him/her know and maybe schedule an earlier return appt to discuss this and see if the med needs tweaking and also what you can do when on your own to help reinforce the coping mechanisms.

Very good advice from Chemar. A few additional things you can do is start an exercise program and try to keep your life balanced/organized. All this will help with stress. Learning simple meditation or slow breathing exercises also helps. When we're upset, we don't think or act logically - if you can delay your reaction this would be a great help. When you've calmed down you can then rethink the situation. Yes its normal to feel overwhelmed with BPD and I hope life gets better for you.

Thanks Chemar and Bella thanks for taking time to post ,I really appreciate all the help I can get as im now going down a very slippery road and with 3 sons and a hubby I need to be functional .My therapist's have givin me skills for homework and sometimes they help but mostly they dont :-( I hate to moan all the time and I have no friends so I usually keep things to myself ,I dont even be honest with my therapist in fear she might think Im a horrible person :-( I am working on breathing at the moment Bella and I am always in emotional mind so never think rationally ,I am glad its part of BPD tough as I thought I was stranger than I feel already .I just want to be the mother my kids deserve and without them I would not be here but thats just life and I love my boys ut its so hard at times as I feel trapped ,again thanks for listening I so appreciate it (((hugs)))