Okay well first off I don't classify myself as emo or anything i'm my own person that is if only I were allowed to be me... I love rock and roll and punk screamo. I love changing my hair at the moment I'm going purple (my parents kinda know, not really). But my sisters are really preppy and they have a lot of friends but me.. I don't really talk I stay in my room and at school I stay to myself that is unless you cross me! My parents are like hardcore christans and they just discovered that i'm not saved... but my real problem is i'm not really allowed to express myself which I feel is WRONG because your dening someone the right to be who they really are.... they ask me where that girl they once knew was but i was like 11 then and i'm 16 now I know who I wanna be and I know what that it's wrong for me to have to hide myself.. My sisters make fun of me because i'm not like them my parents won't talk about this subject i'm trying to get them to understand but they refuse to listen.... this is the reason I started cutting my parents tell me how wrong the person I really am is... I can take the talk if it where from random people but my own family... I just want them to hear me, my suicide attempt wasn't enough? No matter what I say they won't listen I just feel like i'm worthless, and that's how they make me feel! I've hated myself to the point were I began to cut my own skin because I just can't be that little girl anymore.. she isn't me I guess I just grew up... please help me make sense of this? my counslar said theres a difference between wanting to kill your sself and wanting to feel pain btw.. I am NOT suicidal!


Hi, if you are already seeing a counselor then they really are the one you should contact as they know the treatment they have you on. I am assuming that my counselor you mean a qualified psychologist or other mental health professional?

It is one thing to not be happy because you want more independence and understanding, but hurting yourself is not the answer. It is just creating a whole new and dangerous problem!

You may want to join our forum section and be able to talk to others who understand some of what you are going through. Just click Community top right of the page.

If you ever feel you are in crisis and need to talk to someone immediately 1 (800) 448-3000 It is a free call and you remain anonymous

You will get through this and you will be ok. You are different from your family, and that is ok! At 16 it may just feel like you are an outsider but as you get older you will realize what a unique and creative person you are and the things that make you different are your gifts. I've struggled with a lot of the same things as you and I am now in my 20's. It was hard and there have been a lot of set backs but I got through it and you will too. Keep your chin up, immerse yourself in an activity that you are passionate about, surround yourself with people who you like really see the real you, and just keep on going. In a few years you will be out of the house and can make all of your own decisions and decide how you want to live your life. Hang in there!

You sound very awesome to me. Keep doing what you're doing. Keep following your heart.

The best thing that you can do right now is appreciate yourself; don't change who you are for anybody. Loose yourself. Find an outlet and express yourself.

(Are you a writer; an artist; a musician?) good luck!