I am relaying an issue for a friend who is desperate.

He has been in a longterm relat with his gfriend for a yr and a half. They are very much in love,(ages over 30) and very close, never had any real issues or fights in their time together. Speak of the future, etc...

background of gfriend:
Major History of Depression on Mothers side
Was Diagnoised with depression several yrs ago and medicated for X amt of time and stopped medication more than 2 years ago. (Right before they got together).
Sweet girl, mother of 3, supports herself and had physical custody of children.

About 2 weeks ago the gfriend started getting very upset and telling my friend that she just doesnt know whats shes doing anymore, is very confused about her life, cannot sleep at night or keep her head clear because she is paranoid that the childrens father will try to sue for custody, doesnt feel like her herself or have any idea what she wants anymore.

Sound like a normal dumping? Its not.
Her bahavoir since this time has compeltely changed. She is literally acting like a different person. My friend is extremely concerned for her, as is her surrounding family.
He has attempted several times to reach out to her saying all the right things about just supporting her and working through whatever they have to. At this point she has completely cut him out and responds (even to text messages) frantically.." I just can't handel the guilt of what I have done to you" and "I just cant even hear yur voce right now".

SO=== he find out over the weekend that she has been talking with another guy she works with who has shown "lusting" interest in her the past couple months. This person seems very manipulative and not the type of person the gfriend would ever be interested in. Besides the fact that she was so elated to be with my friend and have a life and future with him.

She has an appt this week to finally see a pschologist of which I informed my friend she will be diagnosed at that session and hopefully a gameplan will be established.

But her behavoir does not sound to me like it is normal of just depression. And as someone who knows the closeness of these two. NOTHING HERE ADDS UP. Until last week that wee soulmates, and there not 17!

Anyone have any ideas as to what other condition could cause such a radical change in someone like this?

Or what advise I should be giving my friend on this?

thanks :)


Sounds like she's enamored with a new guy and making excuses to avoid your friend and the decision she'll have to make. No mental disorder.

It could be depression to me, but it would be best if she gets it checked out just to make sure.