I think that I am severely depressed. Every night I cry because I think I am a worthless waste of space. I used to love hanging out with my friends but I never want to anymore; in fact I have gone out of my way to avoid social contact, and my mother has noticed this. I have had serious thoughts of suicide. I have also gained weight lately. I am only 14, and I am afraid that my parents won't believe me if I tell them. Am I depressed, how can I tell them if I am? Please help me.


Well, it sounds like you're depressed. The change in weight, negative thoughts, depressed moods, and isolation are all part of what psychologists label as "depression."

There're lots of things you can do to help things improve. I think talking to a therapist or school counselor is a good start. If you want to show your parents where you are emotionally, you can take this test here: http://psychcentral.com/depquiz.htm . You can also just read about depression at WebMD.com. You can tell your parents about what's happening in a very mature tone and tell them that you're not looking for anything, just someone to talk to for a little while. Even if they are skeptical, the first visit to a therapist is usually free and the therapist can discuss with your parents whether you should be in therapy or not. Your parents have no risk.

As to what you can do right now, here's a great website for teens with a lot of good suggestions: http://www.helpguide.org/mental/depression_teen_teenagers.htm . But maybe right now you just need a hug.

((((((((((((((( hugs )))))))))))))))

Don't be afraid about telling your parents, just speak from your heart and ask them to listen, even if at the end they don't agree.



Very good post Edahn.

It does sound like you are depressed. Please tell them and see a doc when you can, hopefully sooner than later.