When I first retained in 1st grade I was so embarrass . The kids would say " she's so stupid . Isn't she suppose to be in 2nd grade ? Well that same year I had the same 1st grade class with my sis .Couple yrs later in 4 th grade I retained again. The reason for that was when I needed help I never asked for help and I was very shy . During that time I was embarrass again . I was so tired of it because it happened twice . I didn't really cared about it because the students were nice and stuff . During 5&6 I started hitting myself and calling myself names because it really hurt & like every time I might not know something I always think about being retained again . Also durning 7&8 it was tuff . I felt so dumb . I kept getting low grades in math ; I really hate math . All I would get is 50's & Lower . Now my freshman year now I was going to a home school school . It was this boy , my sister & i . I felt good in the class because it was one on one and I had time to do my work & I felt comfortable asking the teacher for Help . Couple months later my mother took me out of the program and put me in a regular high school . It wassup difficult . Durning my 9 grade yr I had 8 classes & I passed 3 . Now I'm in 9th grade again . I cry all the time . Anytime I take a shower I do stupid stuff . I try drinking proactive & other stuff . I've hit my head so many times I forget the simply of things . I was talking o my friend on my cell phone & I was like " where is my cellphone ?" I forgot is talking to my friend on it durning that whole time . People don't feel my pain . They all think I don't have problem's . . What should I do ?



you need to be seeing a doctor ASAP! Hitting your head can cause serious concussions.

You also need to be honest with your mother about the self injury and how the only time you could cope in school was when you were in the special ed school.

Please don't just keep suffering this....see a doctor urgently!

I agree with Chemar about hitting your head - small concussions accumulate, leading to brain damage. You need to be properly evaluated as to why you have learning difficulties and how this affects your emotions/self esteem. Lets say it turns out you have some kind of learning challenge or ADD, which if treated could help you do better is school - this would be a waste not to get help.

Instead of quiting school, find a solution. There are successful people in the world who didn't have good grades, but found out it was from an undiagnosed learning challenge. In addition, stay away from self medicating behaviors like drinking and drugs. Ask for help and get properly assessed so you can stop suffering. Best of luck.

Sweetheart, you have no reason to feel stupid. You said you started doing a lot better during one on one time. That means that you learn in a different way, so naturally in a classroom meant for people who learn differently than you do, you will not do as well. That does NOT mean that you're stupid. My cousins are the same way! And I can't learn anything unless I'm constantly moving. You are not the only one who learns in a different way and you are definitely not the only one who has been retained. It was terribly mean of those other children to call you stupid and they were wrong. I would encourage you to not give up, and for you to look into Tudors. Tudors understand that school can be really hard so they could really help you. And as for how you have started harming yourself, I'm sorry that you are in that much pain. Nothing is worth hurting yourself. I would encourage you also to talk to your friends or someone else about your problems that can help you. Again I would say to keep trying and never give up. I think you are smart. My sister just got into a new school and she was really discouraged that everyone was doing so much better than she was, but she got help from a Tudor and felt better about it. It's easy to get discouraged when the people around you are doing better than you are, so always remember that many struggle with your same problems and that you are not alone. I am thinking of you, I wish you the very best.

No dont do it, you are not stupid or anything, just try to focus, dont do anything that will affect your whole life, think straight.