Hi, please Help!

The last time I felt truely happy, was 3 years ago when I lived in another country surrounded by completely different people. But now I am stuck in a rut, in my home town (where i didn't like to be the first time around)

I keep picturing what I want from my life. I want to meet a guy and fall in love and get married and have kids. The way my life is going, I don't see this happening.

I don't have many friends. It's not that I am not a friendly person, but I don't trust people, and when I do, they inevitably let me down. I know I probably set them up for failure and this is something I am working on. When I picture my wedding day, I can't see very many people on the brides side of the church and it makes me sad.

Because I don't have many friends, I don't really have a social life. In some ways I like that, I am a hermit at heart and like my own company, but i am young and would like to have a group of people who I could do things with. I would love to have a social life

I feel like I have given up on life, and waiting for death (though I'm not suicidal at all). Other than eating sleeping and going to work. I watch TV, I play on the internet. How do I get myself back out into the world. How do get myself a group of friends that share common interests? How do I meet a guy to share the rest of my life with? How do I love life again?


It is hard for a person to adapt to a different circumstance while he is use to something else.,but for a fact it is always this way until you give yourself the chance of living! My advice to you is try having more fun in whatever you do and look at life in a positive way.Try making more friends and getting to know them better thats when you'll have more opportunities to find the right people that comfort you,and thats when you choose whome can be trusted.And when the right time comes you will definitely meet the right person you fall inlove with!You will never enjoy life or get what you want from life until you have faith in yourself,and in everything you do bring out the positive,as in think positively thats when you give yourself opportunities to what your looking for ! hope i helped in some way good luck!

Hi - you didn't mention your family.....do you get along with them? You mentioned you live like a hermit, so I'm wondering if you're introverted, which means you'll need to make the effort to socialize. Instead of looking at the end goal, concentrate of small goals and enjoying daily living.

If you belong to a certain religion, you can socialize there and also volunteer for things you feel passionate about. If you want to use social media for dating, make sure they're safe ones. Think about what you want in a partner and what you have to offer. In the meantime, enjoy your life and branch out of your comfort zone a little. Best of luck in the new year.

You poor thing! I too have a problem trusting people. It's like they have to earn my trust but they inevitably give up and I feel like I'm not worth any effort. But then I think I know I'm a good person and if I meet the right person I know I want to be around them. You don't need a lot of friends, just a few people you can feel close to is enough for me. I also know that a lot of people will let you down without a care, but as long as your true to yourself the right people will come into your life and will stay there if you give them a chance.