Some weird things have been going on in my life lately, and I was wondering if this website would help me out.

First of all, I am 12 years old, but I am turning 13 in less than a week. My mood is changing constantly, which I know can be explained by hormones, but I'm just not sure. I will get really angry over nothing, like if somebody emails me 'hello, how are you?' I will be tempted to write them back something like 'none of your stupid business, you (insert bad word here). A second before this I would've been really happy. Also, when something like this happens I'll want to scream and I feel like I just can't handle life anymore. I don't feel suicidal, just depressed.

I have struggled with depression when I was 10-11, but I thought I kinda grew out of those feelings. By the way, I am home-schooled, so my human interaction comes from gymnastics, which I do 15 hours of a week. The depression I struggled with earlier in life was brought on by gymnastics, and was really rough. I also forget a lot of things, and I will look down after writing in my diary and realize that I don't remember a word of it, and it will be written in the third person. I'm confused, and the more I re-read this the more I think it is just hormones. I would just like a second opinion. Thank-you for your time.


Hi - just to let you know, we're not able to diagnose since we're not doctors. Usually at your age, real life starts to set in. Do you like gymnastics and being home schooled? Do you socialize outside of gymnastics because its important to get these social skills.

Instead of taking your anger out on an innocent person, try to find positive outlets for your frustration - you're already writing so that's good. Please speak with your parent if you continue to feel bothered. Are you able to be open with one of your parents?

Hi, thanks for sharing. To try to help you a little more, have you only been feeling depressed and irritated? Or, do you also feel very energetic and happy just as often? There are a variety of mood disorders that could be responsible for what you're feeling, but those are almost always genetic. Do you know anyone that is biologically related to you that has struggled intensely with clinical depression, irritation, and/or hypermania (over-talkative, risky behavior, hyper, etc.)? I had some similar experiences as you listed when I was a teenager and now know that I have a mood disorder. But, this may or may not be the case for you depending on some more detailed analysis of what your symptoms are.

Hey. I know it is difficult to figure out hormones. I went through depression as well. My advice is try to get to know yourself and body a bit better. Try something new and most important have someone you can talk to. A friend/ teacher/ parent. Stay confident and ride the hormone wave it settles down after a few years.