Please someone reply.
I don't know if I have a medical condition or if this is normal in teenage years with the hormones and growing up. My family suffer from depression, and 4 months ago I started having depression. However, I got through that with no medical help. Now I'm here and honestly.. these are my symptoms.

1. I randomly wanna cry at random times of the day.
( I cry at least twice a day )

2. I am not tired at all at any time of the day. I can stay up all night and not feel tired.

3. At random times of the day I start hyperventilating, my heart beats fast and I take louder breaths.

4. All I do is lay in bed. I have no wanting to do anything.

5. Even the slightest rejection for anything from anyone puts me in panic mode and I start breathing loud and hard.

6. I have no appetite.

Honestly, I don't know what to do, I'm 13 years old girl & I feel very empty and hopeless. I feel like dying.


U mite b lonely try to eat something Idk anything I'm only 11 so all i can tell u bye


the symptoms you describe may be depression and so I would suggest you ask your parents to let you see a doctor for evaluation.

If there is depression in your family, there is a chance you could have inherited the tendency toward it. But yes, teenagers do go through hormonal and other changes that can affect your it may be nothing more than that.

In someone as young as yourself, it may be possible to be helped by just having a therapist to talk with. You may not need medication.

But step one is to go to see a doctor who can evaluate your symptoms and let you know what is causing them.

all the best


All the symptoms you say are indication of depression.

You must see a doctor.

Life is beatiful. There are a lot of people around loving you. You are young and long way to go. Do not hesitate to consult a doctor.

My best wishes

sounds like you have depression and maybe a painic disorder. I've been there and don't worry these things are treatable. I am 16 and I know exsactly how you feel, but I'm here to tell you this. Don't give up and try to stay strong and fight back the tears. You need to eat cause if you don't you'll end up being so skinny that its deadly. You should tell your parents about this and they will take you to the doctor for help. There is always hope because your so young and you have many people who love and care about you.

The first thing I want you ta do is relax little miss, but personally having a few mental disorders myself I would say yah you got yourself at least a panic type disorder but relax it is treatable even if it might be family based.

If anything you have it easier than me with the understanding parents already checked on the list.

And word o' advice whatever is the most important to you...well I find devoting my time to protect my one most precious things to me, my friends to be what I need to keep going on no matter what. It may not be the same to you but for me it's in my instints but I guess you'll just have to figure out your own.