Plz help, I m dieing, wat heppening u want believe where I work I have to pick up things from the floor , so I feel that so dirty after work I washed my car seats steering wat ever wat I touch, that's not enough if I see my colleague in any shops, petrol station , with my relative I never go to there if I have to than I washed myself day by day I m going to be lonely very lonely my family knows abt it they r also so sad this is not a joke plz help me out I don't know wat to do I m so helpless I can't talk to my friends well I don't have more friends left that dont know abt this but I m maintend my distance. I don't know wat this disease called I never did this things after my work but fro past 2to 3 years back I m starting doin this.if I touch anything from floor I washed my hand .this is ok but my work mate. I m ok at work coz I know I m dirty at work & I going to have shawer after work plz plz plz help me I know it's just my min, my mind not eccept it, plzplzplzplzplz help I hope u can understand how I m living my life it's helllllll one day I have to u know wat I mean



it sounds like perhaps you are having OCD symptoms (obsessive compulsive disorder)

It may be a good idea to ask a doctor about these symptoms and see what they suggest

here is some more info about it

I agree you should see a doctor if you feel too worried about being clean. Can you get another job or at least wear plastic gloves when you're cleaning?? If your job is maintenance, they need to provide you with proper cleaning tools to pick up stuff or gloves. For example - most cleaning employees have brooms or a device that grabs or picks stuff off the ground.

If you're having obsessive cleaning urges, please get some help because this is out of your control....meaning its not your fault. There are solutions to your problem and good luck. Its going to be alright.