Im in trouble with the law, i violated probation with a theft crime, i know the worst is going to happen, i deserve it but my family does not! I just do not want to feel this anymore, ive been dealing with this for 3 years! I need mental help! I just want my family to be ok!



We really cannot provide you with the help you need here. I think you should let your probation officer know that you need to see a mental healthcare professional.

Dealing with the "unknown" is always hard but it is something all humans face and the best way is a day at a time. Often, good can come even from bad things, so you just need to try to face up to what you have done and try to let what follows make you into a better person.

I hope things work out ok for you, and your family

Hi - better to be honest and call your probation officer ASAP. Its better for your family to have you face your problems than run away. The fact you have remorse will work in your favor and it show you're not a bad person deep inside. You can get on the right track and be the person your family deserves. Don't run from your problems......look them in the eye and find solution - best of luck.