I'm starting high school next week at public school, and I'm beyond terrified. I've been going to private school my whole life, and I don't know anybody there. My orientation was a few days ago, and only one person just asked me if I was new. They all knew eachother, and I'm used to being the one knowing everybody. I feel left out. My old junior high was small,and this high school has 4 floors and I don't even know where my classes are. I'm not worried about that so much, because I can adjust to THAT, but not having friends I can't adjust to.
I just need to know- am I alone? Am I going to be the only freshman without friends, who's feeling lost and out of place, and insecure?
I'm going to join clubs and hopefully a sport to meet people, but I feel like it's never going to get better. And at lunch I have no idea who to sit with.
What do I do? I'm not the kind of person to come up to someone and say "Hi! I'm **" because I'm painfully shy until I get to know someone. And I have standards to live up to, too. My siblings are popular in high school and I don't know anybody.
Before you tell me to introduce myself, it's really hard for me.
What do I do? Am i alone?



what about kids in your neighborhood who go to the same local high school? do you know any of them?

I think you should just allow yourself time to settle in and not worry about all this now. Everything feeling so new and different is hard in the beginning.

Joining groups and doing sport is a great idea and soon you will know people and start making new friends.

Usually when kids enter high school, they come from several schools. It's sounds so big and that's why they didn't notice you're new. Things will get better once you get used to it. Instead of introducing yourself at lunch time, start conversation during class time and at recess and plan to sit together at lunch.

I used to be painfully shy too and I regret wasting all that time worrying about things that didn't really matter. This is a new year and people don't know you're shy, so branch out. Learn to walk/talk with confidence and appear approachable/friendly. It's a great idea to join school clubs etc and I bet in a months time you'll feel much more settled. Good luck in the coming school year.

Everyone in high school feels this way. Stop worrying about what your siblings do, and enjoy your life. Having friends in high school really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. Be pleasant and friendly when people talk to you. If not, try to make small talk or ask someone about homework or compliment them somehow. Look around for other people who are alone at lunch, or sit at your own table and read or study for a while. Eventually you'll settle in, and besides, you'll graduate before you know it.