I've been suffering from low self esteme for a very long time, probably all my life. I cant remember a time when I was happy that didnt involve being intoxicated.

I've never felt totally happy with who I am. Within a last couple of years, its included my sexuality and my gender.

I feel that im a gay man, a straight woman, and a lesbian in one body.

When I was a child, I thought that I was a boy. I was also sexualy abused by a member of my family. I overeat when depressed.

I also have a bad back so I cant work. I crave routine, and any change in that I panic. I find it hard to decide a course of action.


I dont know what to say.. its a sad story.. maybe go get yourself looked at by a psychiatrist or a psychotherapist or summin and see whats wrong.. cus gender and sexuality confusion are not normal and it maybe the cause of some brain abnormalities, underlying psychological problems or something..

Hi there, I wouldnt worry so much about the gender and sexuality confusion as much as I would worry about the self-esteem and intoxication issues at the present time.

I would definitely find a therapist or a local mental health clinic to help you out firstly.

Sorry to hear about the work situation...could you do an online job of some kind?