Without going into too much detail, my parents died only 9 months apart from each other. One of a terminal illness, one in a very bad car accident that I was also in. Since then I honestly believe I died and can't remember at least 6 weeks of my life after that. I detest being around people now. I suppose by clinical standards, you could call me agoraphobic. I see the world a lot differently than I used to and it's almost as if I can see the "BS" in people which in turn leads me not to believe in humankind anymore. I have no ambition, no drive to do anything and it nags at me terribly. I'm not on any medications with the exception of a few aspirin from time to time, but I know something isn't right. From my limited access, what could I do to fix this problem?


I'm very sorry for the loss of your parents - so devastating to lose both with in a short period of time. Were you seriously injured in the accident - any brain injury? I'm not surprised you feel so bad and it's natural to feel pessimistic when life disappoints us. You haven't even had enough time to grieve. Would you be willing to speak with a therapist?

How were you before all this happended? Do you work or go to school? I think you should consult your doctor to see if you need medication or someone to talk too. It must be so stressful knowing one parent passed in the same accident you were in. You can get through this but you need help.