Now I've written on here about my mental issues which include self-destructiveness, and incest fantasies. But I've been wondering lately if they might be linked to my time in the womb. I've read all kinds of things about premature babies but could hardly find anything on post mature babies. I haven't found anything useful about it. It all started when I searched info about underdeveloped lungs. Then it lead to this subject. Everyone says it can't happen, but no one gives any answers about the " What If..." scenario.

What if a baby was born about a month & a half late? As is my case and my question.

I've read that it's not possible for that to happen but I was born 6 weeks late. The projection for my moms pregnancy for me was that I would be born in the first week of February. But instead I was born in the last week of march. I was told that they all thought I was born dead because I didn't cry, and wasn't moving like a normal baby would, I actually wasnt moving at all. I just want to know what kind of medical issues that might have caused.


My first reaction would be to question if there was an error in estimating when your mother became pregnant. Most obstetricians will not allow a pregnancy to go on that long because of danger to both mother and baby.

As to what effects a longer gestation could have on the baby, that is something you would need to discuss with an obstetrician or pediatrician.

All we could do is speculate and that would not be helpful to you.

I agree there may have been an error in the conception dates. Premature babies often have problems because their organs aren't fully developed. A full term baby would be fully developed.