So I was wondering where I might be able to learn a little bit more about depression? I know someone who might have it, but I don't know where to look.


Sure, check out:

I agree that is a great resource website for mental health support. ( In addition to the internet, your MD would have information on depression. I'm sure you can find books in the library on depression, as well as in your local book stores. TC!

Mental Health America (National Mental Health Association) is a good source.

Hello. One of the best sites that I have found is NAMI ( National Alliance on Mental Illness) and DBSA(Depression Bipolar Support Alliance)(Medline) All of these sites are really easy to navigate and get the information that you need that may helpful to your recovery, or answers some of the questions you amy have regarding mental health issues. Take care. Soidhonia

ny where really, just type "depression" in google, and here you can learn as well.