I'm not sleeping well even with zopliclone 7.5mg. I'm on citalopram 40mg for depression. I can feel myself getting more and more anxious, I'm bouncing my leg when I lie down. I'm so very tired. I think about suicide a few times every day although I won't do it because I have children. I've got a lot of things happening at the moment and suppose this will pass but sometimes wonder if I should see someone about it. I saw a psychologist for a year but finished in November. I'm supposed to be over this and feel all the help has been exhausted. Things look fine on the outside and I really want to keep the family going well.



I can understand things looking fine on the outside, and that you want to keep the family going well--HOWEVER--how long would you expect the family to remain well if you are as nervous and anxious as you admit to being?

I sympathize and empathize with you. I would definitely seek a new T (or the old one) as soon as possible, at least just to have someone to talk to about the issues you are having.

Best of luck!


Get help whenever you feel you don't have the solutions to what is wrong; whenever you want help in sorting through things; or when what you have been trying isn't working the way you want it to!