My future mother in law is going thru menopause and is showing all the signs of serious depression but every time it is brought up to her she gets very angry and blames everyone but her self and refuses to see she has a problem and refuses to get help for it. She is breaking her family apart and just blames everyone else for it. We have all tried so much to help but NOTHING works. We want her to at least see a therapist but again she refuses to see she is affecting all of us and we are ready to give up. Please help us!


Hi there!

Sometimes it is hard to get people to understand they need help until they hit rock bottom. It is a sad effect, but sometimes it is true.

Unless you can get her to go with her daughter to a therapist, or unless she is a danger to herself (literally) or others, a lot of times there isn't much you can do.

Do you think she would go if her daughter went with her? If not, perhaps she could at least go to a MD/GP for him or her to help her with her menopause, which of course, will bring out HUGE issues of depression and sadness.



It could be that she is of the "old school" and doesn't realize that this is a medical issue (not psychological only) and needs attention. Someone she knew might have had a bad experience with hormone replacement therapy, and she doesn't want to try it either. And she really may not realize how much she is affecting the family.

Let her hear from you that it isn't her fault, but that her body needs something it's lacking.

good wishes