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When I first retained in 1st grade I was so embarrass . The kids would say " she's so stupid . Isn't she suppose to be in 2nd grade ? Well that same year I had the same 1st grade class with my sis .Couple yrs later in 4 th grade I retained again. The reason for that was when I needed help I never asked for help and I was very shy . During that time I was embarrass again . I was so tired of it because it happened twice . I didn't really cared about it because the students were nice and stuff . During 5&6 I started hitting myself and calling myself names because it really hurt & like every t Read More »
To whom it may concern.
My dads a strict arab while my mum's english.They've been married for 32 yrs!And have had ups and downs like in any other marriages.Growing up in Jordan with my mother and my dad's family was somehow hard,while my dad worked abroad.I was probably the age of 7,8 while i started realizing that my uncle(my dads brother)was somehow in a relationship with my mom,he'd always tell me to call him dad and give me stuff to send to my mum,later years passed by where we all moved with my dad so things got calm.Returning back to Jordan at the age of 16 i met a friend which i bega Read More »

Hi, please Help!

The last time I felt truely happy, was 3 years ago when I lived in another country surrounded by completely different people. But now I am stuck in a rut, in my home town (where i didn't like to be the first time around)

I keep picturing what I want from my life. I want to meet a guy and fall in love and get married and have kids. The way my life is going, I don't see this happening.

I don't have many friends. It's not that I am not a friendly person, but I don't trust people, and when I do, they inevitably let me down. I know I probably set them up for failure and t Read More »
Okay well first off I don't classify myself as emo or anything i'm my own person that is if only I were allowed to be me... I love rock and roll and punk screamo. I love changing my hair at the moment I'm going purple (my parents kinda know, not really). But my sisters are really preppy and they have a lot of friends but me.. I don't really talk I stay in my room and at school I stay to myself that is unless you cross me! My parents are like hardcore christans and they just discovered that i'm not saved... but my real problem is i'm not really allowed to express myself which I feel is WRONG b Read More »
Dear whoever it may concern,
I do not know if what I am feeling is teen angst or moodiness due to the influx of hormones one receives whilst transitioning into the role of an "adult" (my newly emerging cynicism says that others might think so) or something terribly more serious. But I have to say this in hope that writing this down will help.
I feel terribly sad. All the time. At short moments I will myself to forget that I am so by watching T.V. or surfing through the net. I find myself hurt by anything that anyone says, even when I know they are joking. A look of "What are you talking ab Read More »
Plz help, I m dieing, wat heppening u want believe where I work I have to pick up things from the floor , so I feel that so dirty after work I washed my car seats steering wat ever wat I touch, that's not enough if I see my colleague in any shops, petrol station , with my relative I never go to there if I have to than I washed myself day by day I m going to be lonely very lonely my family knows abt it they r also so sad this is not a joke plz help me out I don't know wat to do I m so helpless I can't talk to my friends well I don't have more friends left that dont know abt this but I m maint Read More »
i have a friend from my childhood. he is a good friend of mine. i helped him when he loved some other girl. infact she is also one of my friends. after sometime, they broke up. and he cried alot. i helped him coming out of depression as he is my best friend. one day he behaved so wierdly. he tried to have sex with me. i slapped him and i cried alot and requested him many times to stop it. he dint listened to me. after that he started to cry and said that he was extremely sorry for everything. but i was hurt and stopped talking to him for three long years.
after 3 years, again i met him beca Read More »
Some weird things have been going on in my life lately, and I was wondering if this website would help me out.

First of all, I am 12 years old, but I am turning 13 in less than a week. My mood is changing constantly, which I know can be explained by hormones, but I'm just not sure. I will get really angry over nothing, like if somebody emails me 'hello, how are you?' I will be tempted to write them back something like 'none of your stupid business, you (insert bad word here). A second before this I would've been really happy. Also, when something like this happens I'll want to scream and Read More »
It’s been about 5 years since I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder and nothing about my life has changed one bit since then. I’m at the point where I feel like I have nothing to live for. I hate myself, my body and my mind (the root of all my anxiety). I’ve alienated almost everyone in my life, including friends and family. Now I basically have no friends and I’m so distant from my family. I barely have anyone to talk to, or have anyone that talks to me. I’ve never felt this lonely in life. I basically don’t want to go out of my room, which has basically become a cave that I live in Read More »
Hi there, so I'm new to this forum and this has actually been bothering me for a long time now. This might get really long though but I appreciate any help.

How would you distinguish having a mental disorder from just a cry for attention?

It's just that recently a rather heated debate I had with someone made me question once again whether or not I really had a mental disorder or if I was just being over dramatic with my situation. I've never been to a therapist but I've been thinking of going lately. I'd just like to get some thoughts before I might end up wasting I good chunk of money Read More »