Wombtwin symdrome... is it real?

Is there such a thing as wombtwin symdrome?

I read that losing a twin in the womb can cause all sorts of things, from a feeling of sadness, lack of trust, autism, sensitive emotions, starving yourself of food/sleep/relationships, and a variety of things. Is there really wombtwin syndrome?


Hi - TBH this is a new subject for me and we're not doctors therefore I don't have a factual opinion. I suggest you research this and you can also join the forum section by clicking on Community.

I have not heard of womb twin syndrome, but have a close family member who lost a twin at birth. During hypnotherapy, she was able to access memories of the womb, their birth and the loss of her twin, which it emerged was the underlying cause of her lifelong battle with depression. She was able to go through the grieving process and achieve healing.