I love my mother. She loves me back. But things just tend to go wrong. She will oppose every opinion of mine. For example, The day I tell her that i want milk, she wont serve me; The day I tell her I do not want milk, she will serve me and see to it that i drink it. A boy from my class was becoming over-protective towards me. Went I told this to my mother she said its just a teenage problems. Finally, one day he got too cozy; I slapped him and reported to the Head. That is when she took a look. I am perplexed. She seems to go opposite to me in all matters. Please help me.


Hi - sorry you're having a hard time with your mom and these kind of communication problems happen more often with daughters, as they start the teen/older age. Part of it comes from the daughter/child wanting more independence, the mothers desire to hold on and respecting the young adult needs being recognized. Regarding the milk problem - she shouldn't be forcing you to drink milk or anything unless its necessary for health.

Seems like the problem for you is, getting her to understand and take you seriously. You made the right decision is dealing with the boy who was over stepping his boundaries. Have a calm talk or write her a fair letter, explaining how you feel - try not to be harsh. Personally I don't force /pressure my girls to eat or drink if they really don't want to. I also listen to any of my daughters problems - I have an almost 15 and 11 yr olds. I encourage them to handle/solve their problems, but if they can't solve it on their own......I'm very willing to step in and help. Tell her nicely how you feel, that you want to be heard and have your opinion matter - best of luck dear.