My niece iz 3 years old. Ever since she was about 1 1/2 ive noticed she's had a bladder problem. She's potty trained and has been for a sometime but when she gets upset she urinated on herself. She also recently started wetting the bed. Im not sure if its stress related or what. My sister (her mom) had a stroke about 5-6 weeks ago and prior to she was accustomed to being with her mom everyday. She would spend the night at my house and I would never have this problem. Even for times of a whole week- 2 weeks at a time. Should I have her medically &/or mentally evaluated??



with a little one like that it could well be related to anxiety due to her mom's health and the changes in her routine that have followed the stroke.

I think it would be a good idea to have her wear those Pull Ups underwear that have the reinforced padding. That way if she does have the oops during wither the day or night, she has protective underwear and also may be be less anxious about that.

I hope your sister makes a full and speedy recovery.