what should I do when my son is in the psych hospital?
What should I say if he acts aggressive to me but I want to improve the situation.?
How can I be there for my bipolar daughter who feels neglected because of her schizophrenic brother?
sorry many more questions


Hello. I am sorry to hear that you are suffering through al of these trails at one time. The first and foremost balance in this puzzle of events is Education, and self preservation, in the form of seeng a therapist for advice and the events that need to happen during a crisis with your children. A child psychologist can suggest and help guide you with a Daily Maintenence Plan for both of your children, and how you need to handle behavior related problems in the household in the future for future mental health or behavioral episodes that involve your children. Accepting and utilizing the advice of the mental health therapsit will help reduce the tension/ stress and the threat of fear in the household that normally accomodates behavior or mental health problems when it involves more than one chold. The best defense with this is keeping involved as much as possible with the therapist to gain insight and perspective on the disorders themselves, and how to not become consumed by it all without the help needed for your own mental and physical health. Take care and good day. Soidhonia

I'm sorry I did not mention my son is 20 years old.

he attacked me and I had to get a A.V.Order. I dont

have the AVO presently.I am a little scared when I see him. His sister is 24 years old. Now my 26 yr son

has sort of broken down with the pressure of caring for my 20yr son (J). J has just been punched by a

fellow patient.He jhad a black eye. He thinks he

can see auras and read ppls minds. He didn't let me

hug him when I visited. He has told me stuff like

have a good (sex) with D(my hubby)(his dad). I get

embarrassed and just go quiet and try and listen to him. I'm not in touch with any docs about this as he

lives a long way away from me. The problem gets

more confusing and gives me a helpless feeling like

its all too impossible and over my head. I have

read some bks re others with their sons/schizophrenia.

One more complication is my husband has no understanding and even thinks J is trying to pull the

wool over our eyes!!!!! and that is frustrating too.

thanks for the replies here. U r wonderful.I appreciate the input. I am a member at psychcentral.

and I love it.

I agree, education is pretty vital in this aspect. As Soid mentioned, a child psychologist would be a good choice to go to to help you figure out the curves ahead.

I imagine it is hard to feel in between the two of the kids as well, and that might be another good place for the psychologist to fit in.

Feel free to ask more questions about whatever, if needed.

Best of luck!

Hi Jivuv! I think you have many more questions than answers and that must be frustrating you. I think the main thing for you to be is consistent. Whatever you do, for the right reasons, be consistent with it. Let them know how you are going to respond, before you do, and let them have you as a solid sounding board that they can rely upon.

With so many things in their lives changing and out of control, by you being there for them and consistently non-judgmental, that is a good beginning to help in their healing.

Please post more about what you need support with, as the question of what to do when someone is in the hospital is open to many ideas. ;)

TC! drjean

I can try to help with your bipolar daughter... I have the disorder myself.

I have blog, it may be helpful to your bipolar daughter to read some of my journal entries... let her know she is not alone... and some of my own ways of managing the illness. Maybe she will find it therapeutic to read, I always find it relieving to read blog of other bipolar persons. The site is at: http://www.bipolarblog-livingwild.com/ . Perhaps you might find some posts interesting as well to give you a further insight into the workings of a bipolar mind... I do not know how in depth your daughter is in sharing her thoughts and feelings of mania/depression, so I may be totally off base.

I also posed an entry about helping people with bipolar disorder... the first thing for family members to understand is that they cannot understand what the mentally ill person is going through. The worst thing for us to hear is "I understand" because it is almost impossible for others to do. Show your love and support, always be there to listen.

I would suggest your husband read more about the disorders and the symptoms so he can understand how they present, and that they present in each person differently. He may even benefit form finding a blog written by someone with schizophrenia, and perhaps he could then see the similarity of symptoms and actions... and better realize your son isn't trying to pull wool anywhere.


Never heard back, did you find a solution? Therapy, especially CBT is pretty effective for many people.