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My 27 year old daughter is bipolar. She has a 2 year old son and they both live with me. I never know what kind of mood she'll be in so I have to tread lightly. My problem is I don't feel I have to walk on eggshells in my own home. She also has little patients with her son. To me ,he's a typical 2 year old but she keeps saying he has ocd and other mental issues. I think she should keep those kind of comments to herself and not say things like that in front of him. When he does something wrong which is often, afterall he is 2, she flies off the handle and screams at the top of her lungs at him Read More »
My mother seems to be opposing me on everything. She does not take me seriously in any matter. She seems to hate me. She is always after me. I dont know what her problem is. But this is becoming very frustating. I am perplexed, I dont know how i should react. I tried to talk it out but things grew worse. She talks to me only when there is some work. Is it due to my academic results that have slowed down? Or is it due to lonliness she is suffering since my father works abroad. I try my level best to understand her but it seems she just wants to be herself. what should i do? Read More »

I love my mother. She loves me back. But things just tend to go wrong. She will oppose every opinion of mine. For example, The day I tell her that i want milk, she wont serve me; The day I tell her I do not want milk, she will serve me and see to it that i drink it. A boy from my class was becoming over-protective towards me. Went I told this to my mother she said its just a teenage problems. Finally, one day he got too cozy; I slapped him and reported to the Head. That is when she took a look. I am perplexed. She seems to go opposite to me in all matters. Please help me. Read More »
Since the time I was a young child, I have had a tumultuous relationship with my mother. Throughout the years, I have realized that my mother is seen a certain way by family, and a different way by work friends and the general public. She puts up a front, often "Martha Stewart-esque," where she is the ideal hostess, best worker, ideal mother, dearest friend. But living with her is another story. She is a rageaholic, and spends a large part of her time complaining, yelling, swearing, at anything and everything. She goes on diatribes about her work situation, supervisor and coworkers, and gets Read More »
Ok, to start things off I need to say that I get a little heated VERY easily. My dad just got his life together a few years ago from heavy drinking and drug use and has fully severed all associates and paths to lead him down that with path with certain people again. My mom divorced him from drinking actions and now, out the mercy of my mom, I get picked up Friday-Sunday to spend time with him. My dad is always consoling when i have a problem, for a short while. If i talk about a problem he goes off getting pissed, raising his voice and almost like he's gonna smack me, which he never did, ever Read More »
iv been a positive gal till 15... i had an abuse at 16 i didnt let it out till i was done with high school so i went thru the torture for 2 yrs. since than i always kept far frm people.. at church while shopping or any1 anywhere. i had nightmares at first than gradually it was ok. my mum from childhood always tot i was dominant among us 3 kids(elder sis n younger d middle one). iv always wanted to protect every1 after my abuse be it my bro n sis. but my mum calls it dominant. i am gonna b 23 thiss year but i never find my mum there for me. thy fund me for education but iv been alone e Read More »
Both children from my first marriage have alienated themselves from me, yet my relationship with my youngest is great. My middle son was very close to me until his father found a wealthy girlfriend and moved in with her. Their relationship had not been close until then but he was determined not to pay maintenance by attempting to influence the two children to live with him. This caused much confusion in my son who longed for his father's approval. My daughter saw through it and left. She was head-strong and manipulated me into signing a marriage consent form for her under false pretences Read More »
Wombtwin symdrome... is it real?

Is there such a thing as wombtwin symdrome?

I read that losing a twin in the womb can cause all sorts of things, from a feeling of sadness, lack of trust, autism, sensitive emotions, starving yourself of food/sleep/relationships, and a variety of things. Is there really wombtwin syndrome? Read More »

Just a quick background. My fiance & I have been together for 3 1/2yrs. He has a 6yr old son from a previous marriage. We all have a great relationship and my stepson and I have formed a great relationship and he has accepted his fathers new realtionship with me amazingly great.
My question relates to something that happened this weekend. I am a heavy sleeper so cant be sure how long this was happening, but when i awoke i felt a hand on my butt, touching it and my sweatpants were pulled down with my butt exposed. I was shocked to say the least & was at a loss as to what to say, so Read More »
Hi, well my daughter who is 10 now was diagnosed by her pedi of having trichotillomania, a disorder where she feels a strong urge to pull out her hair, it started a few years back with her eyelashes, we asked her why she had done it, we talked to her dr about it, and not much was done, they told us it was probably due to stress of the divorce and that she would hopefully grow out of it, well its been 3 years and shes pulled all of her eyebrows, eyelashes and now the top of her head! It is so disturbing to us, she does not have any worry in what people think and it doesnt bother her much. We t Read More »