Today was my breaking point; my 15 year old daughter hit me & drew blood. At 5 she was diagnosed with ODD. Saw a therapist & took drugs (trileptal, ritalin) off & on for a few years. No signs of depression. Steals from me, arrested for shoplifting a year ago, pathological liar, calls me every name in the book, brilliantly verbally rips me a new one once a week (she could be a great prosecutor),I sense she is performing,she likes to make it physical-has a grin on her face, talks 100 mph, defiant. Adopted in Russia at 10 months. Refuses to take any medication. Hypomania, conduct disorder? How do I find someone who's really good at these specific issues?


Hi - sorry you're dealing with all this stress with your teenage daughter. The best thing is to get her evaluated, if its been a while and speak with her family doctor for recommendations. You must be so upset since this turned physical. If it gets any worse you may have to involve the police. It sounds like she has the upper hand, so I don't know what's the best way to deal with her behavior. Feel free to join the forum section by clicking on Community. Call your family doctor ASAP and I hope it gets better.


I feel sad for both you and your daughter, as if this has been occurring since she was very young, then it seems to me her behavior now is a manifestation of illness, not just an act of willful disobedience.

As she was adopted from Russia, where the rate of alcoholism is very high, is it possible she may have been exposed to alcohol in the womb and so triggering her disorders. I am not a doctor but the thought of a 5 year old with a developing brain on ritalin plus tripleptal troubles me! Still I realize that she may be in need of more than just therapy.

I agree with Bella that you need to get her into treatment with a therapist who actually spends time dealing with her rather than just writes her prescriptions for more pills.